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In developing our ‘Real-time’ Learning concept Organisational Management have focused upon creating learning events which ensure that transference of learning from the classroom into the workplace occurs in a sustainable manner.


Data available raises key questions over the effectiveness of traditional training in creating long-term change within business today:


Our ‘real-time’ learning concept was developed to bridge the gap between the problems facing resourcing issues caused by ‘class-room’ based courses and the actual effectiveness of e-based training.

Organisational Management's own analysis measured the extent to which learning was transferred to the workplace, through evaluating the ratios between attending training courses and conducting briefing, de-briefing and coaching sessions in relation to the training.


Over 500 managers across a number of 'blue-chip' and public organisationals the following ratio’s applies:


% of managers who had a briefing session with their line manager prior to the training to establish both business and personal goals for the training.



% of managers who had a de-briefing session with their line manager following the training to evaluate both business and personal goals for the training and develop an action plan to ensure transference of learning



% of managers who had experience on-site coaching from their line manager to support them in their continued development of their skills capability.



As a consequence of the above data and 15 years experience in training environments we developed our ‘real-time’ learning concept which was designed to enable planned learning programmes to be reinforced back in the workplace by the creation of a supportive environment and systems that achieve new performance goals. 


The purpose of ‘real-time’ learning is to achieve an environment of sustainable behavioural change.