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Real-time Coaching   the best way to show the benefits of Real-time Coaching is the feedback we have received from clients. 


       “I just wanted to say on a personal note what an excellent course it was.  I really benefited from the content and I’m also seeing the benefit in my team.  They’ve commented that they feel more focused towards coaching.  I have found that the precision questioning technique helps me in other situations as well, such as meetings etc.  I would highly recommend the course to other managers."


      "Since the training I have conducted two coaching sessions, very motivational, with several suggestions and solutions being generated.  All I had to do was ask the questions"



       “ …. my managers are the best proof.  Word has, as expected, filtered out and what I hear is - they can’t wait to attend the course!"

Why creating a coaching environment is so worthwhile:


        “These coaching sessions have identified a reluctance to escalate problems, because nothing seemed to be done with the information.  Managers had been unaware of the extent of the problem.  Through coaching the team came up with a list of solutions.  Because the results are now visible, team members are not only raising the issues but in fact resolving more of them as they arise.”


       “…through coaching we identified a confidence issue.  She has responded very positively to the coaching and she now seeks responsibility and is taking part in management-type activities.”


       “In our coaching session, an under-performing team member highlighted himself that his poor performance was the result of motivation and not capability.  Consequently, he identified areas of extra responsibility and has now moved from a position of bottom 5 worst performers to the top 5 performers within our site.  This performance has been consistently maintained and is a direct result of ‘real time coaching’.”


       "Using the coaching model was like watching the lights coming on."

Sales Examples of Real-time Coaching


The positive results of Real-time Coaching can be directly measured in sales environment:

“Q4 was an excellent quarter with our group exceeding all targets. The management team is very confident that part of this achievement can be attributed to the successful implementation of the ‘real-time coaching’, and know it will produce positive results throughout the next financial year.”


“Greg, one of our sales managers, embraced the concept of developing a coaching culture within his team.  His team’s performance has moved from 4th position to 2nd position within the site.  One member of his team has moved to 3rd best performance within the site with a sales performance of 126%, which can be directly attributed to the ‘real-time coaching’ programme.”

“All our new recruits have been coached using the real-time learning process.  One of those recruits is now +5% over target and has moved to 6th best performance, with no sales experience.  Another new recruit has achieved 2nd best performance at 28% over target.” 

“Jane was underachieving in selling a particular product.  Rob, using this new method of learning, talked her through her issues and together they discussed what she could do to resolve these.  During the session Jane sent out three quotes and closed all three deals.  In the past two weeks she has shown a 100% increase in her results.”