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Managing Relationships

As leaders, our successes will inevitably come from our interactions with the people around us.  Whether they be external customers and suppliers, internal customers, peers and individuals teams all successful leaders have achieve their results through an ability to manage relationships with others.


The best communicators are often described as chameleons, with the ability to adapt their style of communication to whom ever they are interacting with.  Organisational Management defines this as developing flexibility, and with greater flexibility individuals achieve greater choice. 



Organisational Management utilise within their learning activities, key models of excellence from the theories of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  These specifically focus upon providing individuals with skills that enable them to be able to effectively utilise language structures and patterns to build trust and rapport and achieve clarity of understanding when communicating to others.  In developing this universal skill, individuals are tasked with focussing upon relationships where the current situation is one of misunderstanding or conflict. 

The purpose of the learning activity would be to accumulate all aspects of the universal skills in a typically pragmatic manner to enable them to better effect the outcomes of their relationships with others to achieve true ‘win/ win’ situations.