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Self Motivation

As well as achieving self-discipline to enable individuals to better organise their resources, a development of self-motivation is crucial for ensure that each leader has the drive and commitment to stay with the tasks at hand and has the energy to continue to push forwards with long-term goals.  Understanding individual motivations provides a foundation for achieving greater self-awareness and enables the individual to establish personal and professional goals that are compelling.


Organisational Management believe that all motivation starts with self-motivation it is the component which is often the differential between achievement by design rather than default.  The purpose of developing this skill would not limit itself to one of merely awareness, rather it would encompass how to maintain motivation when results achieved fall short of those desired. 


Theories explored would include the excellent work of Martin Seligman and his models of optimism and how these can be learned and developed.


If self-awareness provides us with our direction and self-discipline provides the vehicle to move towards our goals then self-motivation provides the fuel and therefore we can begin to understand the systemic approach to these universal skills and the lines of interdependency which bound them.