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Self Discipline


The process of achieving personal change in a sustainable manner is dependent upon a high capability of ‘self-discipline’.  As personal change is dependent upon our ability to adapt personal habits, self-discipline is necessary to prevent individuals from merely reverting to type.  Self-discipline is defined by Organisational Management as having the ability to effectively manage and organise the resources available to yourself in conjunction with an ability to ‘delay self-gratification’. 


Delaying self-gratification requires an individual to be able to focus on what ‘must be done’ and then afterwards focus upon what the individual ‘wants to do’.  This core discipline is vital for breaking through current behavioural habits as often change, by it nature is uncomfortable and can create initial dips in performance whilst the change is taking place. 

Self-discipline also enables individuals to reassess the key priorities in both their personal and professional life and therefore, as a leader, enables an individual to remain focuses upon the long-term goals of the business and avoid being deflected by short-term problems.


Self-discipline will be developed through action learning processes where the individual will be expected to make strong commitments to actions within the workplace and effectively prioritise other demands around these commitments.  Successes and failures will be examined in both plenary and on an individual level to support the universal skill of ‘self-awareness'.