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Latest thinking in human development has highlighted the need to view development beyond that of intellect and skills capabilities.  The modern employee must be able to develop flexibility in the workplace to acquire new levels of knowledge and skill, yet in addition to this they must achieve Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in order to ensure that changes to their thinking-processes and behaviours are achieved in a sustainable manner.


Organisational Management’s EQ based leadership programme is designed as a foundation for achieving greater EQ, within the team working environment.  To achieve this however, the learning strategy is targeted towards individual EQ, with the expansion into team EQ as part of a natural process. 


The focus on individual EQ is vital, as by its nature EQ is an individual requirement first and foremost.  Without an ability to act from a position of EQ at an individual level, the ‘leader’ cannot hope to incorporate EQ into their team, nor act as a truly effective member of a team.  The construct of team is, after all, no more than a collection of individuals with a common aim or goal.


The core areas of EQ examined through Organisational Management’s learning activities are as follows:





[Managing Relationships]

These EQ skill areas are considered by  Organisational Management  to be universal to each individual employee and vital to those in leadership roles.  Therefore we have defined these areas as ‘Universal Skills’ that must form the basis for all leadership capabilities.  A brief description of each skill is shown below.